Rising 12th Grade

Rising 12th Grade Registration

For Rising 12th graders only!

Let's Start Registering for Classes!

The forms for each step are attached below.

Step 1: Watch the rising 12th grade registration PowerPoint.

Step 2: Review the Graduation Requirement form for rising 12th graders.

Step 3: Review the Course Registration Form for rising 12th graders.

Step 4: Review the CCS Program of Studies if needed (for course description purposes only).

Step 5: Review the RHS Infinite Campus online step-by-step registration instructions.

Step 6: If you applying to the Tech Center OR have applied to the Occupational Technical Dual Enrollment Program you will need to fill out this form first then go to Step 7.

https://forms.gle/Px3F1WN2E6CoPfTH9 (You must be in-person next year to attend the Tech Center)

Step 7: Log onto your student portal and begin registering for classes.

If you choose any class that has an application, all the applications are located on the previous screen