Rising 11th Grade

Rising 11th Grade Registration

For Rising 11th Graders only!

Let's Start Registering for Classes!

The forms for each step are attached below.

Step 1: Watch the rising 11th grade registration PowerPoint.

Step 2: Review the Graduation Requirement Form for rising 11th graders.

Step 3: Review the Course Registration Form for rising 11th graders.

Step 4: Review the CCS Program of Studies if needed (for course description purposes only).

Step 5: Review the RHS Infinite Campus online step-by-step registration instructions.

Step 6: If you applying to the Tech Center, you will need to fill out this form first then go to Step 7.

https://forms.gle/uiW8CvntphBmEE6v7 (You must be in-person next year to attend the Tech Center)

Step 7: Log onto your student portal and begin registering for classes.

If you choose any class that has an application, all the applications are located on the previous screen