College Application Procedure

College Application Procedure

1. The Counseling Office must have a signed release of record form on file for you. Form is attached below.

2. Watch your deadlines.

3. If you need an official transcript, you must fill out a transcript request form. Form is attached below.

4. If you need a recommendation from your School Counselor and/or teacher, you must give a two week's notice. A student autobiography must be filled out and returned to the Counseling Office. This form will be used to assist in writing your recommendation. There is also a teacher recommendation form for you to fill out. Both forms are attached below.

5. If the college application is on the Common App, be sure you put in the email address of your counselor and teacher(s) you want to write the recommendation(s).

6. Check to see if your college wants the SAT/ACT scores from your high school or directly from College Board. To receive it from College Board, you must sign in to your College Board account and request it to be sent. There may be a charge.