Physical Education

Baker, Jack

Carr, Chris
Boys' PE 9

Harris, Troy
Boys' PE 9

Neighbors, Lauren

Girls' PE 9        

Russell, Dustin
Boys' PE 10, Driver Education

So, Catherine
Athletic Training, Health Sciences

Trent, Kim

Girls' PE 10, Driver Education

Department Chair:  Kim Trent 

Course Offerings

Athletic Training 

Course Description 

Athletic Training is designed to introduce students to the profession of athletic training.  It will also introduce other health care professions so students understand the similarities, differences, and relationship of Athletic Training to other health care professions. This will give students a chance to reflect on their future educational/career goals.  This class moves at a fast pace, covers medical terminology, anatomy and physiology. Some of the skills included in this course are First/Aid & CPR, taping, wrapping, and modality application.  

9th Grade Health & PE

Course Description

Physical Education instruction emphasizes participation in lifetime fitness activities as a basis for personal wellness. The course focuses on helping students to improve physical fitness and skills and to acquire an appreciation for physical recreation and sports. The health portion of the course includes information concerning prevention and control of disease, consumer health, physiology of exercise, family life education, and effects of alcohol, and other drugs. Students receive a semester of instruction in first aid and are trained in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). 

10th Grade Health & PE/ Drivers Ed

Course Description

Physical Education instruction focuses on progressive development in physical fitness, individual and team skills, and recreational activities that promote personal wellness. Health instruction focuses on mental health and family life education, including parenting and aging. Driver Education utilizes the state’s Curriculum Guide for Driver Education in Virginia and includes two phases: classroom and on-the-road instruction. Knowledge, attitude, and skills that are vital to safe driving behaviors are emphasized. 

Health Sciences

Course Description

Prerequisite:  This course introduces students to a variety of healthcare careers as they develop the basic skills required in all health and medical sciences. In addition to learning the key elements of the U.S. healthcare system, students will learn terminology, anatomy and physiology, pathologies, diagnostic and clinical procedures, therapeutic interventions, and the fundamentals of medical emergency care. Throughout the course, instructional activities emphasize safety, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency for workers within the healthcare field.  


Course Description

Prerequisite:  A/B average in the previous health/physical education class OR administrative recommendation.  This course is designed to give students a basic knowledge and understanding of the techniques and principles of weight training and conditioning. Each student is given an individual program that will increase muscular endurance, strength, and efficiency. Class time is spent largely on student participation as the instructor works one-on-one with students to help them reach their personal goals.