Rustburg High School

Class of 2018



Sat, Apr 21st              Prom: The Kirkley Hotel, 8 pm – midnight

Sun, Apr 22nd           After Prom Party (midnight – 5:00 am)

Sun, May 20th          *Baccalaureate (6 pm, RHS)

Thurs, May 24th      *Senior Awards, Group Picture, Senior Picnic: Report to the auditorium dressed (cap and gown attire) at 8:00 am sharp.

Thurs, May 31st       Graduation Practice (2 pm – LU Vines Center):

MANDATORY for seniors participating in the graduation ceremony.

Sat, June 2nd             *Graduation (2 pm - LU Vines Center): Seniors report at 1 pm.



CAP AND GOWN DRESS CODE: Button-up Shirt (with a tie, bow tie or lariat), Dress Pants, Socks, Dress Shoes, Dress, Skirt/Blouse, Dress Pants/Blouse

This means the following are NOT allowed: jeans, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, sneakers, work boots, flip flops, leggings without an appropriate dress, Crocs, hats, and sunglasses.

CAP DECORATIONS: You may decorate your cap according to approved guidelines (please turn to the back of this page) after May 24th. No caps may be decorated during Baccalaureate, Senior Awards, and the Senior Group Picture.

Graduation Cap Decorating Procedures & Etiquette

Rustburg High School ● Class of 2018



If you choose to decorate your graduation cap, please understand the following guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in a replacement cap given to you during Senior Awards, the Group Picture, and/or the Commencement Ceremony. (In the event no replacement caps are available, you will walk without a cap.)

·        No profane/offensive language, quotes, nicknames, pictures or lyrics.

·        No three-dimensional objects such as signs, stuffed animals, bells, flowers, or bows may protrude from the cap or hang from the cap.

·        All decorations MUST LAY FLAT on the cap. Nothing can lay perpendicular thus allowing us to see the decoration beyond eye level.

·        Your tassel must be the only thing hanging from the cap.

·         You cap CANNOT make noise or create light. No bells, horns, or anything that makes noise. No lights or blinkers.

We suggest you trace your cap onto cardboard and decorate the cardboard. In case you make a mistake, you can start over with a new piece of cardboard. After you are finished decorating, you can stick the cardboard to your cap with double-sided tape, Velcro, or glue.


Administration reserves the right to disallow anything that is not considered appropriate for the Senior Awards Assembly, the Group Picture, and the Commencement Ceremony.