Principal and Honor Roll Lists 2017-2018 SY

Below is the list of students who are on the Principal's List (4.0 and up) and those on the Honor Roll List (3.5 to 3.99) for the nine weeks.

We are very proud of these students!  Keep up the good work!

3rd nine weeks

Abbott, Tinsley Honor Roll
Adkins, Bobby Honor Roll
Agee, Elijah Honor Roll
Aloisi, Kara Honor Roll
Altizer, Sydney Principal's List
Anderson, Haley Honor Roll
Anderson, Haley Principal's List
Anderson, Sarah Principal's List
Archer, Justin Principal's List
Arnold, James Principal's List
Atkins, Taylor Principal's List
Bailey, Aaron Principal's List
Bailey, Robert Principal's List
Baker, Katherine Principal's List
Ballagh, Luke Principal's List
Banton, Kayla Honor Roll
Barlow, Brooke Principal's List
Bell, Emma Principal's List
Bell, Lance Honor Roll
Bentley, Kayla Honor Roll
Biggs, Kaitlyn Honor Roll
Bigham, Grace Principal's List
Bigham, Wyatt Principal's List
Bishop, Kayla Honor Roll
Bishop, Savannah Principal's List
Blanks, Richard Principal's List
Blodgett, Dakota Principal's List
Booker, Alexus Honor Roll
Booth, Callie Principal's List
Booth, Nathan Principal's List
Bradley, Mikayla Honor Roll
Braunroth, Emily Principal's List
Brooks, Skylar Principal's List
Brown, Destinee Principal's List
Brown, Michael Honor Roll
Brown, Tevin Honor Roll
Bryant, Jordan Honor Roll
Bryant, Josef Principal's List
Buckles, Stormy Honor Roll
Burger, Christian Honor Roll
Burks, Christopher Principal's List
Burley, Lawrence Principal's List
Burley, Lucas Honor Roll
Campbell, Hailey Honor Roll
Carlson, Audrey Principal's List
Carlson, William Principal's List
Carter, Julia Principal's List
Cash, Anna Honor Roll
Cash, Sara Principal's List
Cash, Whitney Honor Roll
Casola, Nathan Honor Roll
Castner, David Honor Roll
Caughey, Emma Principal's List
Chandler, Lauren Honor Roll
Charlton, Tamara Honor Roll
Childress, Hope Honor Roll
Church, Tiffany Honor Roll
Clark, Erin Principal's List
Clark, Kamaria Principal's List
Coleman, Calvin Principal's List
Collins, Amanda Principal's List
Collins, Charles Honor Roll
Cook, Terrell Honor Roll
Cooper, Gavin Principal's List
Crawley, Alisha Honor Roll
Crawley, Aliyah Honor Roll
Creasy, Dakota Principal's List
Cross, Tyler Principal's List
Crowell, Glenn Honor Roll
Cuellar, Martin Honor Roll
Culver, Sarah Principal's List
Cunningham, Abigayle Principal's List
Dalton, Emma Honor Roll
Daus, Milan Principal's List
Davis, Alex Principal's List
Davis, Kyle Honor Roll
Davis, Kyler Principal's List
Dawson, Ally Principal's List
Dawson, Clark Honor Roll
Deckard, Erin Honor Roll
Denson, Virginia Principal's List
Dickerson, MaKenna Honor Roll
Diehl, Katelyn Honor Roll
Dolack, Hunter Honor Roll
Doss, Mazie Principal's List
Douglas, Aaliyah Honor Roll
Droog, Charles Honor Roll
Dudley, Amber Honor Roll
Dudley, Joshua Honor Roll
Duncan, Katlyn Principal's List
Durand, Dylan Honor Roll
Dutter, Mary Principal's List
Earsing, Haleigh Principal's List
Edwards, Hannah Principal's List
Eick, Leah Principal's List
Elliott, Dylan Honor Roll
Elliott, Francesca Honor Roll
Elliott, Megan Principal's List
Elsayed, Alaa Honor Roll
Enoch, Caitlyn Honor Roll
Epperson, Landon Principal's List
Erbe, Haley Honor Roll
Evans, Dequinn Principal's List
Ferguson, Cemondre' Honor Roll
Ferguson, Marissa Honor Roll
Ferguson, Meah Principal's List
Fitz, Madison Principal's List
Fitzgerald, Ashley Principal's List
Foldesi, Mandi Honor Roll
Fore, Ryan Honor Roll
Foster, Sara Honor Roll
Funderburk, Rebekah Principal's List
Funk, Myranda Principal's List
Gallahan, Stacy Principal's List
Gallier, Trissten Honor Roll
Gallier, Zackery Principal's List
Gardner, William Honor Roll
Garrison, Kaylee Honor Roll
Glass, Charlie Honor Roll
Goard, Alasia Principal's List
Goff, Jessica Principal's List
Gonzalez, Daniel Principal's List
Gordon, Chloe Honor Roll
Gowen, Braxton Honor Roll
Gowen, Chandler Principal's List
Grant, Kalie Principal's List
Gray, Andrew Honor Roll
Grubbs, Cynthia Honor Roll
Guill, Faith Honor Roll
Hale, Emily Honor Roll
Hall, Michael Honor Roll
Hall, Samira Honor Roll
Hall, Samuel Principal's List
Hall, Skylyn Honor Roll
Hammond, Thomas Honor Roll
Hancock, Chad Honor Roll
Harker, Trevor Principal's List
Harper, Kristina Honor Roll
Harris, Alissa Principal's List
Harris, Craig Principal's List
Harris, Ethan Honor Roll
Harris, Kaleb Honor Roll
Harris, Kyleigh Honor Roll
Harris, Mikayla Principal's List
Harvey, Shauntel Honor Roll
Helmintoller, Jerald Honor Roll
Henry, Kaley Principal's List
Hermida Nerin, Ignacio Honor Roll
Hess, James Principal's List
Hill, Kali Principal's List
Hodge, Kaitlyn Principal's List
Holmes, Madison Honor Roll
Holt, Chance Principal's List
Holt, Jamie Principal's List
Holzknecht, Audrey Principal's List
Holzknecht, Bethany Principal's List
Hood, Biore' Honor Roll
Hood, Jada Principal's List
Hooss, Heather Honor Roll
Horsley, Olivia Honor Roll
Hubbard, Davaria Honor Roll
Hubbard, Terran Principal's List
Hudnall, Carly Honor Roll
Hudson, Chase Honor Roll
Hudson, Zoie Honor Roll
Hughes, Benjamin Principal's List
Hunter, Nicholas Principal's List
Inge, Coleman Principal's List
Ingram, Samira Principal's List
Jabouri, Lisa Honor Roll
Jackson, Heaven Principal's List
Jackson, Tori Honor Roll
James, Chaz Honor Roll
Jefferson, Caleb Principal's List
Jennings, Julia Honor Roll
Jennings, Sarah Principal's List
Jiovenetta, Aysia Honor Roll
Jiovenetta, Dominick Honor Roll
Johns, Kentyja Honor Roll
Johnson, Brittany Principal's List
Johnson, David Principal's List
Johnson, India Honor Roll
Johnson, Iyonna Honor Roll
Jones, Breonna Honor Roll
Jones, CeVonte' Principal's List
Jones, Jasmine Principal's List
Jones, Joshua Principal's List
Jones, Zachary Principal's List
Justice, LeAnn Honor Roll
Justice, Terra Principal's List
Keesee, Makenzie Honor Roll
Keller, Michael Honor Roll
Keyser, Hailey Honor Roll
Kidd, Selena Principal's List
Kirby, Mariah Honor Roll
Kirby, Sarah Principal's List
Koelsch, Allison Principal's List
Koelsch, Shawn Principal's List
Kramer, Aaron Principal's List
Krapf, Amber Honor Roll
Kuettner, Bailey Honor Roll
Kuettner, Brett Honor Roll
Kurtz, Katie Principal's List
Lacks, Jordan Principal's List
Lankford, Marvin Principal's List
Lawrence, Kaiya Principal's List
Lawson, Peyton Honor Roll
Lewis, Mia Principal's List
Lloyd, Carrie Principal's List
Lloyd, Katelyn Principal's List
Lloyd, Ramie Principal's List
Lobaina, Sofia Principal's List
Love, Hailey Honor Roll
Lovelace, Ashleigh Principal's List
MacArthur, Matthew Honor Roll
Mackey, Elizabeth Principal's List
Mackey, Ethan Principal's List
Maddox, Anna Principal's List
Mann, Jessi Principal's List
March, Jacob Principal's List
Marcus, Chanler Honor Roll
Marks, Alysha Honor Roll
Martin, Austin Principal's List
Martin, Katelyn Honor Roll
Martin, Katy Honor Roll
Martin, Lauren Honor Roll
Martin, Nathan Honor Roll
Martin, Reagan Principal's List
Matts, Harmony Honor Roll
Mayberry, Jordan Honor Roll
Mayberry, Jordan Honor Roll
Mayhew, Jolie Principal's List
Mays, Brittany Principal's List
Mays, Tiffany Principal's List
McGuire, Alexis Principal's List
McGuire, Payden Honor Roll
McNeil, Daniel Honor Roll
Melunis, Amanda Honor Roll
Metz, Lindsey Principal's List
Mickle, Miranda Honor Roll
Mickles, Destiny Principal's List
Miller, Allorie Honor Roll
Miller, Madison Principal's List
Moats, Lucas Principal's List
Monroe, Ashleigh Honor Roll
Monroe, Darion Honor Roll
Moore, Brook Principal's List
Moore, Sierra Honor Roll
Morris, Alexis Honor Roll
Morris, Diamond Principal's List
Morris, Jazlyn Honor Roll
Mosebrook, Stephen Honor Roll
Moseley, Lauren Principal's List
Moses, Jacob Honor Roll
Mossalem, Gamal Honor Roll
Myers, Chelsea Honor Roll
Neighbors, Kaitlyn Honor Roll
Newcomb, Tavin Honor Roll
Newcomb, Tristyn Honor Roll
Nguyen, Trey Principal's List
Norton, Jessica Principal's List
Oakley, Sara Principal's List
Ochs, Destiny Honor Roll
O'Dwyer, Jonathan Principal's List
Owen, Ryan Honor Roll
Owens, Hannah Honor Roll
Paige, Jaleesa Honor Roll
Painter, Jacob Principal's List
Patterson, Breanna Principal's List
Payne, Senica Principal's List
Pedigo, Sydney Principal's List
Pendleton, Trey Honor Roll
Perkins, Jackson Honor Roll
Perry, Samuel Principal's List
Philbrick, Ashley Honor Roll
Phillips, Carter Principal's List
Phillips, Grace Honor Roll
Phillips, Madeline Honor Roll
Phillips, Madison Honor Roll
Pickett, Megan Principal's List
Pinn, Jaquann Honor Roll
Poole, Joshua Principal's List
Powell, Blake Honor Roll
Powell, Brennen Principal's List
Preas, William Honor Roll
Pugh, Bailey Honor Roll
Pugh, Kacey Honor Roll
Radwan, Amirah Principal's List
Rakes, Nicholas Principal's List
Ramsey, Robin Principal's List
Ranson, Alayna Honor Roll
Reaves, Rae Principal's List
Reusser, Logan Honor Roll
Reynolds, Garrett Honor Roll
Reynolds, Jeffrey Principal's List
Reynolds, McKayla Principal's List
Reynolds, Virginia Honor Roll
Reynolds, Will Principal's List
Rice, Olivia Principal's List
Riley, Hailey Honor Roll
Rivera, Jelina Honor Roll
Robinson, Tahmya Honor Roll
Rogers, Kloie Honor Roll
Rosser, Stevie Principal's List
Ruiz, Alexandra Honor Roll
Rusher, Joshua Honor Roll
Rusher, Kayla Honor Roll
Salmon, Jordyn Principal's List
Sampson, Nathaniel Principal's List
Sanchez Lozano, Lucia Principal's List
Sandidge, Skylar Principal's List
Satterwhite, Sumer Principal's List
Scott, Dyshaun Honor Roll
Scott, Layla Principal's List
Scott, William Principal's List
Shuford, Corey Honor Roll
Sitler, Jason Principal's List
Sitton, Schyler Honor Roll
Slack, Shane Honor Roll
Smeltz, Blake Principal's List
Smeltz, Summer Honor Roll
Smith, Autumn Principal's List
Smith, Jamael Principal's List
Smith, Morgan Principal's List
Smith, Nickolaus Principal's List
Smith, Raegan Honor Roll
Smith, Serenity Honor Roll
Smith, Yikia Principal's List
Sparrow, Madison Honor Roll
Sprouse, Dusty Honor Roll
Sprouse, Kaitlin Honor Roll
Stanley, Alice Principal's List
Stanley, Jackson Principal's List
Starling, Karlee Honor Roll
Staton, Autumn Honor Roll
Stewart, Lacey Honor Roll
Stone, Melayna Principal's List
Strout, Bethany Principal's List
Summy, Amber Principal's List
Summy, Christian Honor Roll
Sweeney, Landon Honor Roll
Taylor, Nicholas Principal's List
Terrell, Caroline Principal's List
Tipps, Joshua Principal's List
Toller, Ti'Asha Honor Roll
Tomlinson, Ariel Honor Roll
Trent, Ashley Principal's List
Trent, Nathan Honor Roll
Troyer, Clayton Honor Roll
Tweedy, Christian Honor Roll
Tyler, Lauryn Principal's List
Tyree, Kearstyn Honor Roll
Vance, Margaret Honor Roll
Vassal, Tanasia Honor Roll
Via, Vincent Honor Roll
Ware, Tremaud Honor Roll
Watts, Britney Principal's List
Webb, Jalyn Honor Roll
Webb, Rebecca Honor Roll
Welch, Ryan Honor Roll
Welch, Stephanie Honor Roll
West, Whitney Principal's List
Whorley, Derek Principal's List
Williams, Anna Principal's List
Williams, Heather Honor Roll
Williams, Thomas Honor Roll
Wilson, Candace Honor Roll
Wood, Colton Principal's List
Worley, Brooke Principal's List
Wright, Hayden Honor Roll
Yoo, Kwang Principal's List
Youngblood, Baileigh Honor Roll
Younger, Mikayla Honor Roll
Zeno, McKendree Honor Roll