Principal and Honor Roll Lists 2019-2020 SY

All students who earn a 3.5 to a 3.99 at the end of the the nine weeks, will be on the Honor Roll list.  All students who earn a 4.00 and above, at the end of the nine weeks, will be on the Principal’s list.

We do not receive nine weeks grades from CVCC classes; therefore, those grades are not included.

Congratulations to the following students:

2nd nine weeks:

Student Honor Roll/Principal's List
Abbott, Tinsley Principal's List
Adams, Sara Principal's List
Aguilar, Benjamin Honor Roll
Akers, Rebecca Honor Roll
Aloisi, Alec Principal's List
Aloisi, Hannah Principal's List
Altizer, Sydney Principal's List
Anderson, Christian Honor Roll
Anderson, Haley Principal's List
Anderson, Sarah Principal's List
Archer, Reghan Honor Roll
Atkins, Taylor Principal's List
Ayala-Lopez, Ana Principal's List
Baldridge, Malyn Principal's List
Ballagh, Luke Honor Roll
Bender, Alissa Principal's List
Berry, Jackson Honor Roll
Beveridge, Gracie Honor Roll
Bigham, Cade Principal's List
Bigham, Eden Principal's List
Bingham, Christopher Principal's List
Bingham, Rebecca Principal's List
Bishop, Savannah Principal's List
Blain, Stephen Honor Roll
Bomar, Makayla Honor Roll
Booker, Alexus Honor Roll
Booth, Callie Principal's List
Booth, Sarah Principal's List
Booth, Thomas Honor Roll
Bostic, Brittany Honor Roll
Boyd, Rachel Principal's List
Branham, Taima Principal's List
Brantley, Samantha Honor Roll
Braunroth, Emily Principal's List
Brown, Caleb Principal's List
Brown, Destinee Principal's List
Bryan, Kristina Honor Roll
Bryant, Carmen Honor Roll
Bryant, Josef Principal's List
Bryant, Justin Honor Roll
Buckles, Stormy Honor Roll
Burks, Christopher Honor Roll
Burley, Logan Honor Roll
Burnett, Paige Principal's List
Butler, Lauren Principal's List
Butt, Anna Principal's List
Caldwell, Nathan Honor Roll
Campbell, Hailey Honor Roll
Campbell, Tristan Principal's List
Carlson, Audrey Principal's List
Carmichael, Casey Principal's List
Carter, Alexis Principal's List
Carter, Julia Principal's List
Carwile, Megan Honor Roll
Cash, Anna Principal's List
Cash, Sara Principal's List
Cassidy, Tanner Honor Roll
Celestine, Essence Honor Roll
Chalmers, Alexis Honor Roll
Chalmers, Zephaniah Honor Roll
Chandler, Lauren Principal's List
Christian, Amarea Principal's List
Clark, Erin Principal's List
Clark, Kamaria Principal's List
Coates, Emily Honor Roll
Coleman, Calvin Principal's List
Coleman, Simon Honor Roll
Coles, Meah Honor Roll
Collins, Brooke Honor Roll
Cooper, Gavin Principal's List
Cox, Cameron Honor Roll
Creasy, Shane Honor Roll
Crickenberger, Samuel Honor Roll
Crist, Quinten Principal's List
Cross, Nicholas Honor Roll
Crowell, Jonathan Honor Roll
Cruz-Ramos, Anthony Honor Roll
Culpepper, Anna Grace Principal's List
Culver, Sarah Principal's List
Cunningham, Jackson Principal's List
Curran, Chaz Honor Roll
Dalton, Emma Principal's List
Dalton, Samuel Honor Roll
Davis, Kyle Honor Roll
Davis, Kyler Principal's List
Deaner, Dakota Honor Roll
Dehart, Layne Honor Roll
DeJarnette, Coleman Honor Roll
Diaconu, Cezar Honor Roll
Dixon, Savannah Honor Roll
Dooley, Ayla Honor Roll
Douglas, Aaliyah Principal's List
Drinkwater, Christina Honor Roll
Dryden, Karris Honor Roll
Dunn, Kierstin Principal's List
Eagle, Lauren Principal's List
Earsing, Haleigh Principal's List
Edwards, Alexis Honor Roll
Elder, Ethan Principal's List
Eldridge, Darla Principal's List
Enger, Isaiah Honor Roll
Epperson, Aldon Honor Roll
Eubank, Chase Honor Roll
Eubanks, Makayla Honor Roll
Evans, Jimmy Honor Roll
Fairchild, Madison Principal's List
Fairchild, Sydney Principal's List
Farrar, Skylar Principal's List
Ferguson, Gavin Principal's List
Fields, Kyle Honor Roll
Finger, Adam Honor Roll
Fitzgerald, Ashley Principal's List
Foisy, Rebecca Honor Roll
Foster, Kathryn Principal's List
Foster, William Honor Roll
Franklin, Edward Honor Roll
Franklin, Steven Honor Roll
Funderburk, Rebekah Principal's List
Gaines, Rachel Principal's List
Galatro, Dylan Principal's List
Gallier, Trissten Principal's List
Gallihugh, Michael Honor Roll
Gamble, Hayden Honor Roll
Gamble, Jade Honor Roll
Garcia, Guisela Honor Roll
Garcia, Liliana Honor Roll
Gardner, William Principal's List
Garrett, Jonathan Honor Roll
Gavin, Joshua Honor Roll
Gilbert, Bryanna Honor Roll
Gilbert, Dacoda Honor Roll
Goff, Jessica Principal's List
Goggins, Allston Honor Roll
Gordon, Rayme Honor Roll
Gowen, Braxton Principal's List
Grubbs, Cynthia Honor Roll
Guthrie, Hayley Principal's List
Hall, Jack Principal's List
Hall, Julius Principal's List
Hall, Seth Honor Roll
Hancock, Chad Honor Roll
Hardie, Kate Honor Roll
Harker, Trevor Honor Roll
Harris, Summer Honor Roll
Harvey, Shauntel Honor Roll
Hawkins, Kaylee Principal's List
Heddings, Jessie Principal's List
Heinz, Emily Principal's List
Helmintoller, Christopher Honor Roll
Helmintoller, Jerald Principal's List
Herbert, Savannah Honor Roll
Hess, Daniel Honor Roll
Hess, James Principal's List
Hockett, Abigail Honor Roll
Hollandsworth, Philip Honor Roll
Holt, Chance Honor Roll
Hood, Biore' Honor Roll
Horsley, Olivia Honor Roll
Hudnall, Carly Principal's List
Hudson, Aireona Principal's List
Hughes, Athena Honor Roll
Hughes, Christabel Honor Roll
Hughes, Jeremiah Honor Roll
Ingram, Samira Principal's List
Irby, Phoenix Principal's List
Jackson, Heaven Principal's List
Jackson, Tori Honor Roll
Jamerson, Jesse Honor Roll
Jefferson, Caleb Principal's List
Jefferson, Thomas Honor Roll
Jennings, Annie Principal's List
Jennings, Julia Honor Roll
Jennings, Steven Honor Roll
Jiovenetta, Dominick Honor Roll
Johnson, Abigail Principal's List
Johnson, Brooklyn Principal's List
Johnson, David Principal's List
Johnson, Emma Honor Roll
Johnson, Isaiah Honor Roll
Jones, Destiny Honor Roll
Jones, Faith Honor Roll
Jones, Jasmine Principal's List
Jones, Jaylin Principal's List
Jones, Zachary Honor Roll
Jones-Therrien, Michelle Honor Roll
Jordan, Holly Honor Roll
Jordan, Madison Principal's List
Justice, LeAnn Honor Roll
Justice, Terra Principal's List
Justice, Trevor Honor Roll
Kackley, Denise Principal's List
Keeling, Zymiah Honor Roll
Keller, Chloe Principal's List
Keller, Michael Principal's List
Keller, Travis Honor Roll
Kerr, Tyler Principal's List
Keyser, Hailey Principal's List
Kirby, Mariah Principal's List
Koelsch, Shawn Honor Roll
Koleszar, Kaylee Principal's List
Kramer, Aaron Principal's List
Kramer, Edward Principal's List
Kurtz, Katie Principal's List
Kurtz, Kyle Honor Roll
Lacks, Aidan Honor Roll
Lambert, Brianna Honor Roll
Lankford, Marvin Honor Roll
Laury, Kory Principal's List
Lawhorn, Amanda Honor Roll
Lawson, Peyton Principal's List
Letchford, Madison Principal's List
Logan-Dennis, Shakayla Honor Roll
Logwood, Brianna Honor Roll
Loos, Eva Principal's List
Lopez, Juan Honor Roll
Lovelace, Ashleigh Principal's List
Lovelace, Ethan Principal's List
Lowe, Thomas Honor Roll
Mace, Laurah Honor Roll
Mackey, Elizabeth Principal's List
Maggi, Casey Principal's List
Mann, Jasmine Honor Roll
Mann, Jessi Principal's List
Mann, Ty Honor Roll
Marquis, Landon Honor Roll
Martin, Evan Honor Roll
Martin, Katy Principal's List
Martin, Lauren Honor Roll
Martin, Nathan Principal's List
Matney, Kaley Honor Roll
Mawyer, Taylor Principal's List
Mayberry, Jonathan Honor Roll
Mayhew, Jolie Principal's List
Mayhew, Mary Principal's List
Mays, Chloe Principal's List
Mays, Erin Principal's List
McAnally, Kennedy Honor Roll
McCormick, Camden Honor Roll
McFadden, Nolan Principal's List
McGuire, Isaac Principal's List
McGuire, Payden Principal's List
Meeks, Victoria Honor Roll
Melunis, Megan Honor Roll
Metts, Ava Honor Roll
Miller, Morgan Honor Roll
Milne, Madaline Honor Roll
Mitchell, Cosie Honor Roll
Mitchell, Sean Honor Roll
Moore, Sierra Principal's List
Moorefield, Clara Honor Roll
Morgan, Elijah Principal's List
Morgan, Tyler Honor Roll
Morris, Bailey Principal's List
Morris, Diamond Principal's List
Murphy, Samuel Honor Roll
Neighbors, Devin Honor Roll
Newcomb, Tristyn Principal's List
Newman, Jenna Principal's List
Obadiah, Precious Honor Roll
Ochs, Alexa Principal's List
Ochs, Destiny Principal's List
Osal, Robert Principal's List
Owen, Emily Honor Roll
Paige, Jaleesa Honor Roll
Palma, Belinda Principal's List
Palmer, Caitlin Honor Roll
Patel, Vasu Honor Roll
Patterson, Breanna Honor Roll
Pedigo, Jacob Principal's List
Pedigo, Sydney Principal's List
Pendleton, Trey Honor Roll
Pereira, Leonardo Principal's List
Perkins, Jackson Principal's List
Philbrick, Ashley Honor Roll
Phillips, Madeline Honor Roll
Pietsch, Conner Principal's List
Poe, Ashanti Honor Roll
Pomatto, Annastacia Honor Roll
Potter, Caleb Principal's List
Prince, Collin Honor Roll
Pugh, Bailey Principal's List
Pumagualle, Skylar Principal's List
Quesenberry, Ashley Principal's List
Radwan, Amirah Principal's List
Radwan, Ashgan Principal's List
Rakes, Nicholas Principal's List
Ramsey, Robin Principal's List
Reid, Sianah Honor Roll
Reynolds, Jeffrey Honor Roll
Reynolds, Ma'kiya Honor Roll
Reynolds, Mason Principal's List
Reynolds, Will Principal's List
Rice, Meridith Principal's List
Rice, Olivia Principal's List
Rinn, Felix Principal's List
Rogers, Kloie Principal's List
Ross, Landon Honor Roll
Ruhland, Elijah Honor Roll
Sanders, Alyssa Principal's List
Saunders, Brenden Honor Roll
Scharnus, Delaney Honor Roll
Schley, James Honor Roll
Scott, Jeremy Principal's List
Seigla, Joseph Honor Roll
Sexton, Anna Principal's List
Shipley, Zachary Honor Roll
Shuford, Natalie Principal's List
Silverthorn, Joseph Honor Roll
Sites, John Principal's List
Sitler, Jason Principal's List
Sledd, Rachel Principal's List
Smith, Cyan Honor Roll
Smith, Jamael Principal's List
Smith, Serenity Principal's List
Spence, Julian Honor Roll
Sprouse, Allison Honor Roll
Sprouse, Danner Principal's List
Stanley, Alice Principal's List
Starling, Karlee Principal's List
Stevens, Natalie Principal's List
Stone, Jarrett Honor Roll
Stump, Joseph Honor Roll
Suddith, Kelci Honor Roll
Summy, Amber Honor Roll
Summy, Brennan Principal's List
Talley, Wesley Principal's List
Tate, Amanda Honor Roll
Tate, Cassandra Honor Roll
Taylor, Hannah Principal's List
Taylor, Lashanda Principal's List
Taylor, Parrish Honor Roll
Taylor, Peyton Principal's List
Thacker, Kaycie Honor Roll
Thomas, Dionte Honor Roll
Thomas, Lindsey Honor Roll
Thompson, Daniel Honor Roll
Tipps, Joshua Principal's List
Tomlin, Noah Principal's List
Trent, Nathan Honor Roll
Triplett, Joshua Honor Roll
Tucker, Trequan Honor Roll
Tweedy, Adam Honor Roll
Tyree, Kearstyn Principal's List
Vance, Margaret Principal's List
Vance, Zachary Honor Roll
Vaughan, Logan Honor Roll
Via, Vincent Principal's List
Walker, Brittany Honor Roll
Walker, Kali Honor Roll
Walker, Tiffany Honor Roll
Ware, Grayson Honor Roll
Watkins, Mariyah Honor Roll
Watkins-Reed, India Honor Roll
Weatherstein, Emily Honor Roll
Webb, Jalyn Honor Roll
Welch, Ryan Honor Roll
Welsh, Braden Honor Roll
Wheeler, Kaylee Honor Roll
White, Makayla Honor Roll
Whorley, Derek Principal's List
Will, Autumn Principal's List
Williams, Madison Principal's List
Wills, Makayla Principal's List
Wilson, Candace Principal's List
Wilson, Courtney Principal's List
Wood, Jonathan Honor Roll
Woolfolk, Cody Honor Roll
Word, Jasmine Honor Roll
Wright, Briauna Honor Roll
Wright, Frank Principal's List
Wright, Hayden Principal's List
Wright, Mackenzie Honor Roll
Wright, Matthew Principal's List
Youngblood, Justin Honor Roll
Zeno, McKendree Honor Roll