Fine Arts

Ayers, Joe

Klimchuk, Donna
Art I, Art II

Poindexter, Susie
Chorus I, Chorus II, Vocal Ensemble 

Propst, Josh 
Art I, Advanced Acting, Theatre I, Theatre II, Technical Theatre 

Department Chair:  Donna Klimchuk 

Course Offerings
Art I

Course Description

Art I is an introductory art course designed to foster understanding, enjoyment, and use of art in everyday living. Emphasis is placed on the elements of art and the principles of design using various art techniques and materials to create two-dimensional and three- dimensional art works. Students will engage in drawing, painting, crafts, sculpture, and/or graphic arts to express ideas and create images. They will prepare and display their artwork as part of the artistic process.

Art II

Course Description

Art II is an intermediate art course for students who desire to continue to develop their artistic abilities. Instruction is designed to improve their skills, creativity, vocabulary, imagination, and artistic growth. Focus on is art history and the use of that knowledge of artists, styles, movements, and cultures as inspiration to create art works. Students will begin to use technology and electronic media as artistic tools. They will prepare and display their artwork as part of the artistic process.


Course Description

Students in grades 9-12 develop and strengthen skills on a band instrument of their choice, learning proper care of the instrument and becoming familiar with its technology. Music theory; ensemble skills; appropriate positions, tone production, and fingerings; and counting, reading, and performing increasingly difficult levels of music are emphasized. The course is performance oriented and may require students to practice and/or perform at times outside of the regular school day.

Chorus I

Course Description

Chorus I is designed to develop the student’s vocal abilities. Areas covered in music include developing the voice, understanding musical terms, training the ear for listening, singing in harmony with the group, and learning basic choreography for specific selections. Chorus is a performance oriented group of mixed voices organized to give singers training in a variety of vocal forms and styles. Singers will perform an assigned vocal part in unison and in simple harmony. The overall goal is to enable students to be able to read their part in choral music and to be able to perform music in an appropriate style.

Chorus II

Course Description

This course forms an intermediate level chorus ensemble for men and women with good singing skills. Students will continue to develop and improve their singing techniques (breath control, posture, diction, tone production), as well as their sight-reading skills. Preparation of music for performance (of moderate difficulty, and mostly in three and four part settings) is a major course objective. Participation in concerts and various programs and extra rehearsals (as needed) are required. There are special dress requirements for concert appearances.

Vocal Ensemble 

Course Description

In Vocal Ensemble, students will acquire refined musicianship skills in individual and ensemble performance. They will also continue to develop their ability to evaluate musical performances and to articulate preferences and choices through the use of cognitive skills and analytical thinking. Competency in solo/ensemble singing and the use of foreign languages will assist students in preparing for future musical/vocal development and career opportunities. Increasing awareness of the interrelatedness of music, the arts, and other disciplines will be emphasized. 

Theatre I

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with a survey of theatre arts, allowing students opportunities to experience and appreciate dramatic literature and participate in the creative processes of performance and production. The course emphasizes skill development and provides theatrical opportunities that enable students to determine personal areas of interest.

Theatre II

Course Description

This course integrates and builds upon concepts and skills from Theatre I. Through various modes of expression and performance, students investigate dramatic literature, theatrical styles, and historical periods. Students will study and respond to a variety of theatre experiences that will refine their communicative, collaborative, analytical, interpretative, and problem-solving skills. Students will expand their artistic abilities and appreciation of the theatrical arts.

Technical Theatre

Course Description

This course introduces students to the principles and implementation of stage design as it applies to the basics of scenic, costume, sound, stage organization and lighting design. Students will also study the methods and materials of set construction.

Advanced Acting

Course Description

Advanced Acting builds upon concepts and skills from Theatre II. Through various modes of expression and performance, students investigate acting styles, character development, dramatic structure, conflict, and resolution. Students will study and respond to a variety of theatre experiences that will refine their skills Students will deepen their artistic abilities and appreciation of the theatrical arts.